Mistakes happen. Orders get mixed up. Plants are given the wrong labels.

The wrong thing gets delivered. It might be many years and many dollars later before you discover it.

Disputes can arise. Did you get what you paid for?

Issues around intellectual property related to new varieties and sports have become increasingly important. Do you have something really new, or does it belong to someone else? If you own a patented variety are you getting the royalties you are due?

  • Know what you grow
  • Protect you new varieties and sports
  • Enforce intellectual property rights
  • Save years and dollars
  • Millions of data points across the genome
  • Analog and digital analyses
  • More detail, more confidence
  • Experienced, professional service

100% money back guarantee

Guaranteed accurate
or your money back

Phytelligence offers three levels of custom genetic analysis services

Many other commercial labs only compare 8 to 10 points out of the hundreds of millions in a plant's genetic fingerprint. That doesn't give you much confidence, does it? Phytelligence can do a lot more for you!

  • Confirm the identity of your sample
  • Determine yes/no similarity to a standard sample
  • Tests up to 50 points across the genome
  • For higher detail applications
  • Determine percentage similarity between samples
  • Tests 500-1000 points across the genome
  • Our gold standard analysis
  • State of the art digital DNA sequencing and analysis for highest confidence
  • Tests thousands to millions of points across the genome
  • Comprehensive and unique molecular marker documentation for intellectual property purposes
About our analysis

Best results come from properly prepared samples. We recommend harvesting new growth from the specimen of interest using clean tools. Leaf material is preferred, and other tissue types will incur an additional cost (e.g. fruit, budwood, root, etc.). Place the freshly harvested sample in a sealed and labeled ziploc or similar plastic bag. Samples should be shipped by overnight courier or delivery service using a cold pack.

Different project types call for different preparation. In all cases, we recommend three samples: three leaves from different trees if you are testing a block, or from different parts of the tree if you are testing one tree. For potentially new varieties or sports, select material that shows the difference in traits. If would like the sample to be tested for diseases, please harvest the samples directly onto dry ice and ship them to us on dry ice.

Most importantly, contact us first, before you send material! We’ll give you detailed instructions specific to the analysis you are interested in.

Know with confidence. Grow with confidence

Our genetic analysis helps you protect your investment.

From a simple identity verification to a comprehensive detailed analysis, Phytelligence can provide the right level of analysis to match your requirements. Get peace of mind for your financial investment, and the certainty to make the right business decisions. Know what’s growing!

Get a comprehensive analysis today.