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Phytelligence plantlets are the right choice for discriminating growers. With Phytelligence you get:

  • Plants free of diseases, viruses and pests
  • Tested and guaranteed genetic uniformity—what you order is what you get
  • Faster delivery, sometimes years sooner!
  • Great value—better quality plantlets at no additional cost
Superior Plantlets
Consistent Quality
The Geneva® Series, Gisela® Series and Krymsk® Series of rootstocks are available for Spring 2018. Please contact us to book your order.

Pear Rootstocks OHxF97

Pear Rootstock OHxF 97

Apple Rootstocks Geneva® and M9

Apple Rootstock ‘G.41’
Apple Rootstock ‘G.935’
Apple Rootstock ‘G.214’
Apple Rootstock ‘G.222’
Apple Rootstock ‘G.890’
Apple Rootstock ‘G.969’
Apple Rootstock ‘M9 100’
Apple Rootstock ‘M9 146’

Cherry Rootstocks - Gisela® and Krymsk®

Cherry Rootstock 'Gisela® 5'
Cherry Rootstock 'Gisela® 6'
Cherry Rootstock 'Gisela® 12'
Cherry Rootstock 'Krymsk® 5'
Cherry Rootstock 'Krymsk® 6'
Cherry Rootstock 'Gisela®3'
Cherry Rootstock 'Krymsk® 1'

The Phytelligence team has successfully propagated everything in the table below. Commercial propagation of some of these plantlets requires license agreements with owners of patents related to protected genotypes, so not everything below is generally available yet. If you have the appropriate license and are interested in contract propagation or discussing licensing or sublicensing opportunities, please contact us.
Sweet CherryBingPrunus avium
PearBartlettPyrus communis
PearD'AnjouPyrus communis
PearOHxF 87Pyrus spp.
GrapeChardonnayVitis vinifera
GrapeMalbecVitis vinifera
GrapeMerlotVitis vinifera
GrapeSemillionVitis vinifera
StrawberryTillamookFragaria x ananassa
Don’t see what you want in this list? Phytelligence experience and expertise can rapidly develop protocols for other genetic material. Contact us with your specific requirements and we will help you with your growing success.

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