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Our commitment to you

Unless required by law, Phytelligence will not share any information about its customers or the users of this web site with anyone.

Information Phytelligence gathers and tracks

Phytelligence gathers two types of information about users: 1) data that users explicitly provide through the site, and 2) aggregated tracking information derived by tallying page views and other similar means. Such information enables us to better tailor our content to readers’ needs and helps us to better understand the demographics of our audience. Phytelligence may track user traffic patterns and correlate it with data about individual users. Overall usage statistics (as related to a user’s domain origin), browser type, etc. obtained by reading this information from the browser string (information contained in every user’s browser), also may be tracked and retained.

Use of the information

To enhance our users experience on our site, Phytelligence uses any information voluntarily given, whether to provide interactive or personalized elements on the site or to improve future content based on the interests of our users. We use tracking information to determine which areas of our site users like and don’t like based on traffic to those areas. Phytelligence does not track what individual users read, but rather how well each page performs overall. This helps us continue to build a better service for you. We track search terms entered in our search function as one of many measures of what interests our users. But we don’t track which terms a particular user enters.


Phytelligence does not use cookies.

Unsubscribe Policy

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If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us.