Our humble beginnings started in the research laboratories of Washington State University. Local growers heard of our micro-propagation methods and sought us to mass produce new plantlets. Phytelligence was created a year later in 2012. What we offer is quality and security using specialized technology that has evolved in our laboratories to grow disease free, robust plantlets in artificial growth media under sterile environments. Just as Washington State University prides itself in being a national leader in clean technology, we at Phytelligence strive to embody this idea. We take it further by finding new ways to implement and improve the agricultural process. From state-of-the-art genetic analysis, to volume propagation of in-demand plant material – Phytelligence can help your growing needs.



Phytelligence and its researchers are centered at Washington State University, with our main offices leased out of the WSU research parks. Our company’s products and services are the result of years of innovative and disciplined research. Phytelligence is also nourished by the strong, close relations between the university, its faculty, and alumni, as well as the broader agricultural community that thrives here int he Pacific Northwest.


Apart from Washington State University, the company is working with Innovate Washington based out of Spokane, WA. Phytelligence is interested in partnering with other organizations, economic developments, and agricultural industries. If you wish to partner with us on business developments, marketing developments, financing developments or any other areas please Contact Us..