Phytelligence is a platform agricultural biotechnology company that is revolutionizing the way food crops are grown. Utilizing its proprietary growing techniques to provide superior quality crops, Phytelligence enables higher grower profit by increasing speed to harvest and reducing input costs.

Phytelligence provides additional value to food crop growers and plant breeders through the application of advanced genetics with guaranteed delivery of accurate plants, disease screening, plant repository services, securing of intellectual property, and the ability to co-develop new varieties of food crops.

In addition, Phytelligence has a growing pipeline of biological and compound solutions aimed at improving returns throughout the food crop value chain.

Phytelligence was founded by Dr. Amit Dhingra in 2012 out of his Horticulture Genomics and Biotechnology Research laboratory at Washington State University and is headquartered in Seattle with offices in Pullman, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

Micropropagation by Tissue Culture

Malbec grape plantlet from tissue culture

Each plantlet is produced by skilled technical staff from parent plants of the highest quality, using advanced techniques under rigorous laboratory conditions.

Controlled Growing Environment

Plantlets are grown in carefully controlled environments optimized for cultivar, stage of growth and desired plantlet properties.

Healthy, Vigorous Plantlets Ready to Grow

Plantlets are vigorous, healthy and robust. They are ready to plant and can produce fruit faster than conventionally propagated plantlets.

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